Torres del Paine Symposium 2004

Third AccessNova Forum:


Advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Next Generation RemoteAstronomy, Intelligent Mining and Other Natural Resources Industries



Thu Apr 29th


Traveling to Forum Venue


11:15              Flight departure from Santiago (LA285)

15:35              Flight arrival to Punta Arenas (LA285)

16:00-19:00    Punta Arenas -> Puerto Natales (by Hotel Van)

19:00-19:30    rest stop with snack at Milodón Cave

19:30-21:00    Puerto Natales -> Torres de Paine

21:00-22:00    check-in at Hosteria Las Torres



Fri Apr 30th


Torres de Paine National Park Sightseeing Tour-1 (day time)


10:00-20:00    Sightseeing Tour, including Lake and Glacier Grey

20:00-21:30    Rest break

21:30-23:00    Welcome Dinner



Sat May 1st

Technical Program-1: focus on intelligent mining (14 presentations)


09:00-10:00    Breakfast


10:00-10:30    Meeting Registration

10:30-11:00    Meeting Overview and Opening address

                      Eduardo Vera (UChile)                                 AccessNova Chile view


11:00-13:30   Session 1:  intelligent mining technologies (5 presentations)

                       Chair: Pablo Estévez (UChile)


11:00-11:30    Felipe Mujica  (IM2 Codelco)                  continuous mining

11:30-12:00    Alfredo Piquer (Optimisa)                    mining  data objects                    

12:00-12:30    Hiroki Tanaka  (NTT )                             sensor network      

12:30-13:00    Hiroshi Moriya (NTT)                             BOTDR strain sensing

13:00-13:30    Pedro Morales (Codelco)                        bioleaching research


13:30-14:30    Lunch


14:30-17:00    Session 2: advanced network technologies  (4 presentations)

                             Chair: Kasuhiko Nozawa (NTT )


14:30:15:00    Juan Carlos Letelier  (UChile)           applied biology: autopoiesis                           

15:00-15:30    Masatoshi Onishi  (NTT)                             wireless research

15:30-16:00    Walter Grote (USantaMaría)                       photonics networks

16:00-16:30    Marco Orellana (Codelco)                    ICT corporate strategy

16:30-17:00    César Ortega (Codelco)                telecom networks in mining                    

17:00-17:30    Coffee break


17:30-19:30   Session 3: video processing & transmission, e-learning

                        (5  presentations)  Chair:  Rodrigo Arenas (VIPnova)


17:30-18:00    Jose M. Piquer (UChile)                                              video over IP

18:00-18:30    Walter Grote  (USantaMaría)                               wireless networks

18:30-19:00    Yoichi Okabe  (UTokyo)                                    e-learning  in Japan

19:00-19:30    Nelson Baloian  (UChile)                                     e-learning in Chile

19:00-20:00    Hiroshi Yasuda (UTokyo)

                       Pablo Estévez (UChile)                                 knowledge data mining


20:00-21:30    Rest Break


21:30-23:00    Dinner



Sun May 2nd


Technical Program-2:  focus on remote astronomy (9 presentations)


09:00-10:00    Breakfast


10:00-11:30    Session 4:  remote optical/radioastronomy, ALMA

                       (5 presentations)  Chair: Seiichi Sakamoto (NAOJ)


10:00-10:30   Eduardo Hardy (NRAO)                   ALMA USA research

10:30-11:00   Christian Saldías (ESO)                     ALMA Europe research

11:00-11:30   Masato Ishiguro (NAOJ)                  ALMA Japan research

11:30-12:00   Ken Tatematsu (NAOJ)                    UChile-NAOJ remote observations

12:00-12:30   Chris Smith (NOAO)                        Tololo/Gemini network


12:30-14:00    Lunch


14:00-16:00    Session 5:  e-VLBI, advanced photonics technologies

                      (4 presentations)  Chair:  Hiroshi Moriya (NTT)


14:00-14:30    Sandra Jaque (REUNA)                       terabit network research

14:30-15:00    Hisao Uose (NTT)                                         e-VLBI overview

15:00-15:30    Sergio López (Intellicomp)                      storage area networks

15:30-16:00    Takeshi Asahi (UChile)                   massive distributed storage


16:00-16:30    Coffee Break


16:30-18:30    Closing address:


                       Yuji Inoue (NTT)                                 AccessNova Japan view


                        Final Session:  wrap-up discussion and  conclusions


                        Chairs:  Eduardo Vera (UChile)

                                    Hiroki Tanaka (NTT)

                                    Pedro Morales (Codelco)

                                    Masato Ishiguro (NAOJ)


18:00-20:30     Rest Break


20:30-22:00     Farewell dinner



Mon May 3rd


Torres de Paine National Park Sightseeing Tour-2 (day time)


10:00-18:00    Sightseeing Tour of National Park, including Laguna Azul

18:00-20:30    Rest break

20:30-22:00    Dinner



 Tue May 4th


 Traveling from Forum Venue


 08:00-09:00    Breakfast

 09:00-10:00    check-out at Hosteria Las Torres

 10:00-11:30    Torres de Paine -> Puerto Natales (by Hotel Van)

 11:30-12:00    rest stop with snack

 12:00-15:00    Puerto Natales -> Punta Arenas (by Hotel Van)

 16:25              Flight departure from Punta Arenas (LA284)

 20:40              Flight arrival to Santiago (LA284)




People who arrive late to the Forum, can travel to  the venue on Fri 30  and skip Tour-1, attending only Tour-2. Those who need to depart earlier, can travel from the venue on Mon 03 and skip Tour-2, attending only Tour-1.




Final Version                                                                                   1 May 2004