Hakone-Musashino Symposium 2002

GEMNet-Galaxy/Second AccessNova Forum:


Advanced Communication and Information Technologies to bridge Asia and South America 




Thu May 23rd


Chile Delegation program:


am   Chile-Japan Business Committee Meeting

       (Reports on Japanese and Chilean Economies)


pm   Chile-Japan Business Committee Meeting

        (Report on Propects of Free Trade Agreement between Japan and Chile)           



Fri May 24th


Chile Delegation program


 am    Chile-Japan Business Committee Meeting

          (Report on JICA/CORFO Study on IT in Chile)


pm    Technical visit to NTT Labs Musashino Exhibition Hall

          and NTT Technology History Center (optional)



Sat May 25th


AccessNova Forum weekend program (Hakone Hotsprings)


am    Departure from Tokyo to Hakone-Yumoto

        (reachable by Odakyu line trains from Shinjuku)

         Check-in at Tensei-en Ryokan (Japanese style spa/hot-springs)


pm    Informal business and technical discussions

         Dinner, social activities and overnight stay 





Sun May 26th


AccessNova Forum weekend program (Hakone Hotsprings)


am    informal business and technical discussions

         Check-out at Tensei-en Ryokan


pm    Lunch, social and touristic sightseeing activities

         Departure from Hakone to Tokyo (by rented Van)



Mon May 27th


AccessNova Forum Optional Technical Program (Musashino, Tokyo)


am    Free time


pm    Technical visit to NTT Labs Musashino Exhibition Hall

         and NTT Technology History Center (optional)



Tue May 28th


09:00-18:00   AccessNova Forum Technical Program-1 (Musashino, Tokyo)


09:00-09:15    Meeting Registration at NTT Labs Musashino


09:15-09:30    Opening Ceremony (*)


09:30-10:00    Meeting Overview: present activities (*)


10:00-12:00    Session 1: High-speed networking and remote astronomy (*)


10:00-10:20     “Remote Radio Astronomy”, Leonardo Bronfman, UChile


10:20-10:40     “Current Status of ASTE (Atacama Submillimeter Telescope

                       Experiment”, Seiichi Sakamoto, NAOJ


10:40-11:00     “Remote Operation System of ASTE”, Hajime Ezawa, NAOJ


11:00-11:20     “ALMA(Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array) and

                        Collaboration with AccessNova”, Masato Ishiguro, NAOJ


11:20-11:40     “High-speed Network for ALMA and its Applications”,

                        Kenichi Tatematsu, NAOJ


11:40-12:00     “KSP and GALAXY: Realtime VLBI projects in Japan”,

                        Hisao Uose, NTT Labs


12:00-14:00    Lunch


14:00-15:30    Session 2: Large Data Bases


14:00-14:30     “Search Mechanisms in the Web”, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, UChile


14:30-15:00     “Intelligent Data Analysis Using Neural Networks”,

                        Pablo Estévez, UChile


15:00:15:30     “Web Data Mining”, Juan Velasquez, University of Tokyo


15:30-16:00    Coffee Break


16:00-17:30    Session 3: Biology of Knowledge


16:00-16:30     “Biology of Knowledge”, Juan Carlos Letelier, UChile


16:30-17:00     “Formal Description of Autopoiesis from a Perspective of the

                        Theory of Category”,  Tatsuya Nomura, Hannan University


17:00:17:30     “A Computational Model of the Emergence and Evolution of

                        Self-mantaining Proto-cells”, Naoaki Ono, ATR, and

                        Takashi Ikegami, University of Tokyo


18:00-20:00    Reception at Kagei Restaurant (NTT R&D Center Musashino)



Wed May 29th


09:00-18:00    AccessNova Forum Technical Program-2 (Musashino, Tokyo)


09:00-11:30    Session 4: International Collaboration of R&E Networks (*)


09:00-09:20     “International Collaboration of Internet2”, Heather Boyles, Internet2


09:20-09:40     “Abilene and its upgrade plan”, Chris Heerman, Internet2


09:40-10:00     “Remote Instrumentation and high-speed networking”,

                        Charles Yun, Internet2


10:00-10:20     “AMPATH Project”, Heidi Alvarez, Florida International University


10:20-10:40     “Chilean R&E Networks”, Florencio Utreras, REUNA, Chile


10:40-11:00     “GEMnet and International Collaborations”,

                        Masayasu Yamaguchi, NTT Labs


11:00-11:30    “Remote Lecture between Kyoto University and UCLA”,

                        Motonori Nakamura



11:30-12:30    Session 5:  Wireless Multimedia (*)


11:30-11:50     “WDM Experiment in Chile”, Walter Grote, Santa María University


11:50-12:10     “Wireless Research FONDEF Projects”,

                        Rodolfo Feick, Santa María University


12:10-12:30    “Wireless Radio”,  Luis Loyola, University of Electro-Communications



12:30-14:00    Lunch



14:00-16:30    Session 6: remote collaboration, e-learning (*)


14:00-14:30   “Overview of the relationship between Waseda University and  the

                       University of Chile”,  Mitsuji Matsumoto, Waseda University


14:30-15:00     “A Collaborative System for Developing Educational Material over the

                       Internet”, Itsuki Yasuyoshi, Waseda University


15:00-15:30     “Web-based Student Testing System and its Results on

                         Understanding English History Subjects”,

                         Leandro Llanza, Waseda University


15:30-16:00     “Interactive Teaching System over Network: The MOAI Project”,

                        Ken Tsutsuguchi, NTT Media Corporation


16:00-16:30     “Usasbility Inspection on Pilot Experiment on Distant Lectures from

                        Tokai University, Japan to Multimedia University, Malaysia”,

                        Kiyoshi Nosu et al, Tokai University



16:30-17:00    Coffee break



17:00-18:00    Final Session: Future Activities


19:00              Executive Committee dinner meeting (optional)


(*) Virtual VideoConference Presentations from USA and Chile

      using GEMnet/Internet2/AMPATH/REUNA.