Fifth AccessNova Forum:
Ubiquitous Networks for New Advanced Applications

Invitation to Pucón Symposium 2008

By hosting the fifth bi-annual meeting of the AccessNova Forum in the lake district of southern Chile, the Pucón Symposium 2008 offers a unique opportunity to address and discuss many relevant technical and business issues involved as we face the various challenges behind “Ubiquitous Networks for New Advanced Applications”. Our intention is to bring together people from various disciplines and different R&D organizations with a long tradition of international collaboration and friendship, in a special academic and scenic environment, where we can analyze in depth our current activities and discuss in detail our future ones

We hope you can accept our invitation to participate in the Pucón Symposium 2008, a conference focused on the frontier of ultra-high speed networking for advanced applications used across the board in fields such as biotechnology, remote healthcare, energy and environment, data imaging, remote mining, e-science/grids/high perfomance computing, data storage/processing/archiving, virtual observatories and remote astronomy. The tentative program is indicated below.


Program Committee

Eduardo Vera, EE Dept., University of Chile (Chair)
Chris Smith, Head of Program, NOAO Data Products/LSST/AURA
Tohru Maruno, NTT R&D, Tokyo, Japan
Pedro Morales, Corporate Manager, Research & Innovation, Codelco-Chile
José Robles, CEO, Micomo S.A.
Ricardo Badilla, CEO, Biosigma S.A.
Jaime San Martin, Director CMM, University of Chile

Date: May 19 – 24, 2008

Venue: Villarrica Park Lake Hotel, Pucón, Chile Camino Villarrica-Pucón, km 13 Tel: +5645 450 000 Fax: +5645 450 202 (800km south of Santiago with direct flights available to Temuco and bus transfer from Temuco Airport to the hotel)

Sponsors: University of Chile, NOAO/AURA Inc., ALMA, NTT, Codelco-Chile, Micomo S.A., Biosigma S.A

Registration Fees: USD 300 (includes conference tour, reception and banquet fees)

Information: AccessNova Forum Organization Committee,
c/o Eduardo Vera, Chair
Tel: +562 978 4816 Fax: +562 699 0464



Pucón Symposium 2008
5th AccessNova Forum:
Ubiquitous Networks for New Advanced Applications

Final Program

pm-Mon May 19
Opening Remarks and Keynote Speeches
Conference Reception.

Tue May 20
Energy & Environment, Remote Mining, Biotechnology
Conference Dinner

Wed May 21
Conference Tour: Day Trip to Termas Geometricas
(Outdoor Hotsprings/Rotemburo Style)

Thu May 22
Advanced Optics, Data Imaging and Visualization, Ultra-High Speed Networking,
Wireless Networking, Science Applications, e-Science/Grids/High Performance Computing.

Fri May 23
Astronomy Instrumentation, Data Mining, Virtual Observatory Initiatives, Astronomy Data,
Data Processing and Analysis, Remote Astronomy
Special Topical Meeting Dinner (Astronomy and Technology)

Sat May 24
Special Topical Meeting on Astronomy Technology Requirements

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